About Old Irish Posters

Vintage Irish Advertisement Posters

A unique collection of vintage Irish advertisement posters, the original versions of which were displayed in Irish public houses (bars) and grocers (small shops) in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Many of the posters advertise famous distilleries, tobacco makers and mineral water suppliers from around Ireland. Some of the surnames are now rare or have the original spelling such as Gallaher and Dunville. Many of these surnames are no longer found in Ireland with descendants now dispersed throughout the world.

This exciting poster collection has been faithfully reproduced from original and rare 1st edition prints. The posters are approximately 24" x 18" (60cms x 45cms) and have been produced in Ireland on durable high quality 170gsm Art paper.

The full collection can be viewed via three main themes - Whiskey, Water and Tobacco. You can also browse the collection by surname or place name, providing a charming momento for those with family links to Ireland.

“Old Irish Posters - trading since 2002”

The Old Irish Posters website was created in 2002 by Octoberstone as a working experiment, in the very early days of the internet. We were looking for a project that would introduce us to trading on the web and also help develop our web programming skills.

Little did we know that all these years later, from our office here in Derry, Northern Ireland, we'd be shipping our posters to customers throughout the world to decorate bars, homes, cafes, bar rooms, apartments and offices.

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