We have been supplying our posters to the world since 2002. These are just some of the comments from our customers!

"Thank you so much for your e-mail! My mother, who has taken up genealogy research, came across your site while searching for information on the Grattan family, her ancestors who emigrated from Northern Ireland in the mid 1800s. Her great-great-grandfather owned a soda water company in upstate New York, so she was pleasantly surprised to find posters advertising Grattan's Belfast ginger ale! My sister and I just had to order the posters as a gift.
Your website is such a find! They are beautiful posters, and I'm sure she will love them.
Thank you again!"

Grattan Poster

"I have actually been researching McKibbin & Sons as part of my family history - John McKibbin was my Great Uncle on my mother's side - sadly not much evidence of the family firm exists online now, so it was great to find the poster on your site (which I arrived at via a Google search)
Kind regards"

Club Liqueur Whiskey Poster

"My poster arrived today in perfect condition! Off to the framers this week and then a place of honor on my wall -- thank you for such prompt service! I'll think of my trip to Rosslaire everytime I look at it!

J Bjorness
Thwaites Soda Water Poster

"I received the poster today!!! Thanks so much. It arrived perfect, nice packing job!!! Now I just have to get it framed and shipped off to my friend. I'm sure he'll love it."

N Schwartz
Boyd Whiskey Poster

"I was doing a Yahoo search when I found your website. I was specifically looking for the D'arcy's old Irish Whiskey poster. My boss and I had seen it in a Claddagh Irish Pub near our work. She wanted the poster because her first name is Darcy. (Darcy is a rather unusual name her in the U.S.) I decided it would make a good Chistmas gift for her. I was very excited to find it available. I think she will be amazed when I tell her I had it sent from Ireland!
Thank you"

A Roberts
D'Arcy Whiskey Poster

"My husbands last name is Grattan and he is interested in his Irish heritage. I did a Yahoo search for Grattan and found your site. Thanks for the great service!"

Grattan's Ginger Ale Poster

"I googled - 'Old Irish Company Posters' (or the words to that effect). I can't believe I actually found this poster! I first spotted the exact same print but on a mirror in a pub in Didsbury, Manchester called The Gateway. I have always wanted to get my hands on the picture so hence the google search. When I went on your site that's when I spotted it, I really didn't think I would find it! I really like the print, and especially the 4 provinces on it (being an Irish man myself). Plus its unusual; not the usual Irish Whiskey brands people are familiar with.
I hope this helps, and best of luck with everything!"

Irish Whiskey Company Poster

"Thank you for the email and confirmation of the poster being sent off. I saw the poster framed in a great bar in Ramelton, Conway's - you may know it? I then went back and googled Irish Whiskey posters and found your site - google is marvellous, I'm sure you know.

Boner is Donegal alright, originally Uá Cnáimhsí, although I grew up in London. My Dad is from a townland outside of Burtonport, near Dungloe in West Donegal, The Rosses. I have a house there now in Burtonport, the poster is for there. My brother is a big racing fan, he will like it when he see it, as will my Dad. It is a very striking image.
Thank you again, regards"

Tyrconnell Whiskey Poster