Costs for countries we ship to:

USA & Canada Australia & New Zealand
£17.35 (up to 2 posters) signed for £11.35 (up to 2 posters)
£22.98 (up to 4 posters) signed for £19.30 (up to 4 posters)
£28.75 (up to 6 posters) signed for £28.95 (up to 6 posters)
£62.99 (up to 8 posters) signed for
£69.50 (up to 10 posters) signed for
£71.35 (up to 12 posters) signed for
£77.78 (up to 14 posters) signed for
N. Ireland & Gt. Britain Rep. of Ireland & Europe
£6.15 (up to 2 posters) £6.15 (up to 2 posters)
£10.30 (up to 4 posters) £10.30 (up to 4 posters)
£15.45 (up to 6 posters) £15.45 (up to 6 posters)
China (People's Republic) Japan
£17.35 (up to 2 posters) £17.35 (up to 2 posters)


Posters are packaged in 3" x 23" (7cm x 58cm) cardboard tubes.

Delivery Time:

Delivery to Ireland, UK and Europe please allow at least 3-5 working days.
Delivery to USA & Australia please allow at least 15-20 working days.
Delivery to Japan and China (People's Republic) please allow at least 10-15 working days.

Shipping Charge:

You will see the shipping charge AFTER you enter your credit card details into Paypal.
However, your card will NOT be charged until you view and approve the shipping charge.

This is how it works - it works in 2 steps:
Step1: When checking out, you are directed to Paypal to input your card details or pay directly from your Paypal account. The price displayed will NOT include shipping. After you input your details, you will go to step 2 where you will then view the total price INCLUDING shipping charge.
You can then pay for your posters.